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All items are exclusive and limited. Once they're sold out, you can't buy them anymore. I might restock a couple of times, but it's rare. If you like something, grab it during pre-orders or when it's available because you'll never know when it will be back.


All products are carefully handmade with care and love, showing a commitment to my craft. Each item reflects the dedication to creating something special through thoughtful, hands-on craftsmanship, using the best materials to ensure lasting quality for years to come.

one of one collectibles

I craft unique and limited-edition items. These might involve plushies, vinyl toys, clothes, Handbags or any other cool concept I envision. All releases will be extremely limited.


Our goal is to offer affordable luxury wear and accessories, combining style and affordability. Each item comes beautifully packaged in a dedicated special box, ensuring a unique and enjoyable unboxing experience with every purchase.


Made with love

All products are handmade and crafted with extreme care and love and created at the highest standard of quality to last.


All products will take around 4 to 6 weeks to ship, be mindful that all products are handmade and take time. They will be shipped with UPS in USPS only.


Follow me on Instagram, and Tiktok, at @Cherry.Mansion. Every day, you'll find posts featuring photos of collectibles, renders, and more, including updates on shipments and highlights from our valued customers!